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Whitby 2018

This is our Whitby 2018 Blog.  

We will use this page to share some of the things we have enjoyed each day.



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Day 3

What a busy day we have had!  After another cooked breakfast, we set off for Whitby abbey where we explored the museum, sketched the Abbey and learned about the history of the site. After that we walked the famous 199 steps...twice!

We knew we had a busy afternoon planned so we headed back to Sneaton for a fish and chip lunch, followed by chocolate brownie and ice cream.

This afternoon we travelled to Robin Hood’s Bay.  It was beautiful but had lots of coastal errorion. We walked down the hill stopping for ice cream on the way.  

‘We changed into our water shoes and did some rock pooling and seaweed identification.  After that we walked along the beach to Boggle Hole to learn how to dam a stream and to make sand sculptures.

We walked back along the beach to where we put on our water shoes. Mr Wellard bought us all chips which were the best ever!

Once we go back up to the top of the huge hill, we got back on the bus and travelled back to Sneaton.


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Day 2


After a great nights sleep, we were woken up about seven am by the teachers.  Some of us were up and raring to go.  Others, not so much.

Our breakfast was amazing.  We had a choice of cereals, toast or a full cooked breakfast.  We could have them all if we wanted!

After breakfast we headed out down into Whitby to catch the steam train to Goathland (Hogwarts station).  The train took about an hour.  Along the journey we could see lots of animals and beautiful countryside.

After a quick toilet stop, we began our long walk.  We walked from Goathland to Grosemont which is about three and a bit miles, stopping along the way for a picnic lunch and some den building. Mrs Ward’s group won.

When we arrived at Grosmont we were all a little tired.  We took the coach to Whitby where we split into two groups.  One group went on the boat trip, the other looked at the harbour and the lighthouses.  The boat was fun and we all sang to ABBA!

We returned to Sneaton for tea, which was cottage pie and donuts.


This evening we are having a film night with sweets and duvets.  We are all excited to see the greatest showman.



Day 1

After setting off in the coach from school, we headed up the A1 towards our first adventure.  We arrived at Flamingo Land at about 10am and split into two groups.  Each group had the chance to handle some creatures including a frog, stick insect and a tenrak (hedgehog-like animal).  We liked playing spot the animal in the camouflage pictures.  Some were easier than others!

Our other job was to look at the animals in the Zoo enclosures.  There  were penguins, wallabies, Flamingos, meerkats and baboons.  We learned all about adaptation and evolution.

We played on the fantastic playground and visited the shop.  

Before we left we watched the bird show.  There were clever parrots that could talk and others that could put shapes in the right holes.  We loved watching the barn owl fly. 


We got to Sneaton Castle and found our rooms.  Our Tea was chicken burgers, chips and spaghetti hoops.  There was also jam sponge and custard for pudding.  Yummy.


After tea we played on the field.  We had lots of play equipment out and finished with big games of catch the flag and stuck in the mud. 


We are very tired now and headed to bed.  We hope you have enjoyed reading out our adventures today.  We will share more with you tomorrow.


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