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Values & Ethos

Our whole approach at Coddington Primary School is driven by our 7 Rainbow Christian Values which include Respect, Happiness, Friendship, Honesty,  Cooperation, Responsibility and Love and inspires the whole School to ’Believe, Achieve, Succeed ‘ Our School Motto.



Our pupils will:

·   have confidence and high self esteem

·   become self-motivated, enthusiastic and creative learners keen to achieve their full potential

·   learn independently and collaboratively

·   be self aware, sensitive, caring individuals with respect for others and the environment

·   enjoy their learning, experience success and be proud of their achievements

·   be able to form and express ideas and questions, and communicate effectively

·   have the personal and social skills to be able to play an active and constructive role in society



To meet our aims we will provide:

·  a supportive and challenging ethos which encourages success and recognises and                           rewards effort and achievement

·  a broad, balanced, creative curriculum providing pupils with opportunities to apply their learning

·  good teaching incorporating a range of styles to support all learners through an investigative approach to learning

·  interesting and stimulating learning experiences and environment that will help to challenge and motivate pupils

·    constructive learning partnerships between home, school, church and community

·    creative, friendly and inspiring role models

·    a rich, varied and relevant set of learning resources

.    an enriching and stimulating programme of events, visits, visitors and extra-curricular        activities to suit a broad range of abilities, interests and ages